Healthmate Forever T12AB TENS Unit

The hope of immediate relief from muscle and joint pain is what makes a TENS unit popular. More and more people are realizing the value of having this small, compact device on hand. And I, for one, have to agree. After spending a lot of time and money at a physio over the years having treatments for knee pain and tennis elbow, it’s clear value for me to have a tens unit at home for relief in between professional treatments.

Official records confirm healthcare professionals and physicians have been using TENS therapy since the 1960s. There’s consistent and compelling evidence that supports the effectiveness of this device in treating chronic pain.

screen size and detail of the healthmate forever T12AB tens

If you’ve been thinking about getting a TENS unit yourself, this review investigates theT12AB. This is one of Healthmate Forever’s top-selling products, and we’ll find out why it enjoys such a good reputation.

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What sets this Tens unit apart

A feature-packed portable unit that’s effective.

Twelve pre-programmed massage modes that feature distinct waveforms suited to different pain-related issues. Some of them include pressure, bodybuilding, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, tapping, and the list continues.

massage modes demonstrated to explain what they mean

  1. You can apply 4-6 electrode pads on different parts of the body, at the same time
  2. The unit is equipped with a rechargeable internal lithium battery supplying up to 10 hours of continual use.
  3. Two isolated outputs. Both channels deliver maximum power
  4. An adjustable 10 to 80-minute timer enables you to set the duration of the massage therapy
  5. You can choose one of the ten levels of adjustable intensity and modes in both channels A and B
  6. It weighs only 4.3 ounces, so this device is portable. So portable, it can be kept in your pocket.
  7. Rated power: 24w
  8. Limited lifetime warranty facilitated by the manufacturer

Healthmate Forever models feature comparison:

Wireless compatible Touch Screen
2 pairs self-adhesive reusable gel pads 2 pairs of different size & shaped self-adhesive gel pads can be used at a time (muliple pieces of conductive reusable gel pads included)
Screen Safety Lock Button
15 preprogrammed operation modes, 20 levels of adjustable intensity. Each receiver recognizes channel A or B 12 modes and 10 intensity levels separately controlled in output A and output B
picture of 12AB showing inclusions
T12 AB (available in black, silver or white)

The Results

To begin, this item has an excellent selection of programs from which to choose. Twelve to be precise. Choosing your preferred one is easy.

We also liked the lock function. It’s helpful considering that this is a portable device and so can be easily knocked. We didn’t have any problems with it.

You could easily take this device with you to work or on holidays. So why put up with persistent pain making you feel aggravated all the time if you can do something about it?

Another feature we liked is that the electrode pads are genuinely long-lasting. In comparison with some other products we’ve tested, these are some of the best ones. They adhere to the skin without any problems, and they stay put, until you want to remove them. We recommend buying quality pre-gelled electrodes.

Note: We can say, though, the higher intensity levels are difficult to bear. It will depend on your personal pain tolerance to determine what will be comfortable. However, they’re effective and beneficial for some constant pain issues. It all comes down to setting the intensity level that fits your needs, condition, and tolerance.

Furthermore, the T12AB has 2 separate channels. That means you can run 2 completely distinct programs simultaneously on a total of 4 pads.

Although we expected the battery life to be long-lasting, we didn’t expect it to last quite as long as it did.

The touch screen interface features intuitive controls. And you needn’t worry about visibility. The backlit animated LCD screen sees to that.

What Everyone Says

Are other customers just as pleased with the product as we are? For the most part, yes.

After reading a bunch of customer reviews, this is the finding; most are happy with their purchase. The overwhelming majority reported that the TENS unit did an amazing job at diminishing pain.

One customer claimed that in his opinion, using the machine is the same thing as going to a chiropractor’s office.

Another client dealing with back pain mentioned that the pain has almost gone since beginning to use the device.

In a nutshell, various clients coping with pain due to surgery or different injuries report that their purchase has significantly enhanced the quality of their lives.

What We Like

This device is the size of a mobile phone which makes it portable and easy to carry around wherever you need it.

Secondly, we like that the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for every purchase. That shows that Healthmate Forever strongly believes in its products and their longevity.

tens unit showing pads connected

Additionally, the operation of the unit is, by far, the most user-friendly. You needn’t worry if you’re inexperienced with operating state-of-the-art devices.

We also find that the adjustable timer is an equally useful characteristic. There are situations when you don’t have a lot of time to spare. In these circumstances, a timer is an efficient addition.

What We Don’t Like

What about the pitfalls of the T12AB? Apart from the fact that the device is one of the most expensive items on the market, there isn’t much to say in this area.

After scanning a range of customer reviews, we stumbled across some that mentioned receiving defective products. However there is a  manufacturer warranty, handy to have as a back-up.

Buying Advice

If you’re uncertain where you should get the T12AB TENS unit from, we suggest checking it out on Amazon. You can benefit from free shipping and other occasional discounts.

For under $250, you get a long-lasting product that will offer relief. On top of that, you get a lifetime warranty. Not every TENS unit manufacturer backs their product with that, so it’s worth noting.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, getting the Healthmate Forever TENS unit could be one of the best purchases you make for enhancing your well-being.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the effectiveness of these devices has been proven by experts. Healthcare professionals recommend them because they offer great results.

Although the price tag is a little higher, the quality of the item is a testament to the manufacturer’s dedication to supplying excellent products.

Portable, user friendly, intuitive controls and backlit LCD screen add up to top product.

Our rating