Healthmate Forever Pro15AB TENS Unit Review

Coping with pain and gradually reducing the number of painkillers you need to take while your injury heals. That’s the reason for using a tens unit. It’s an effective therapy, and complements the body’s natural ability to recover and heal. 

In fact, owning a TENS device is similar to having a massage therapist at your disposal round the clock. Definitely not the same, but it helps.

Choosing the right product is the problem as there’s so many devices in the market utilizing this technology. You need to look in-depth at each product to lessen the confusion.

We’ll share our experience here with the Healthmate forever Pro15AB. Advantages, the pitfalls, customer reviews – in short, everything you should know about the item.

What can the Healthmate Forever TENS do for you?

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  1. The aim is to block the pain receptors sent out by the central nervous system.
  2. Strengthen your muscles due to involuntary muscle contractions.

Let’s look at the main characteristics of this device.

  1. Pain relief by working to block the pain signal sent from nerves.
  2. 15 pre-programed modes to choose from. Just to name a few: back pain, joint modes, foot modes, body building, pressure etc. If you’re a body builder the manufacturer advises you can benefit from improved strength, toning, and firming of the gluteal muscles using mode 10.
  3. Ease muscle tension with deep tissue massage mode.
  4. An adjustable 10 to 80 minute timer lets you customize each session fully to suit your time frame and need.
  5. Regulate the intensity level, depending on the severity of the pain or discomfort you have. The intensity level you choose will also vary depending on your personal tolerance.
  6. A large LCD that’s easy to read 
  7. Portability: You can easily carry and use the device wherever or whenever you need. For instance take it to work or on holidays.
  8. An in-built long-lasting lithium battery optimizes the battery life of the device.
  9. USB rechargeable
  10. Limited lifetime warranty supplied by the manufacturer. (applies for US and Canadian purchases)
  11. Dual value: The device is equipped with two separate outputs featuring independently adjustable intensity in A/B channels.
  12. FDA-cleared: 100% drug-free. That means most people can use the device without anticipating any side effects. *Note: Consult your physician or health care professional before using and refer to manufacturer’s instructions for use 
  13. Since the outputs are isolated, each has 100% power, without diminishing the strength of the device in any way.

That all adds up to a lot to love about this tens machine.

how to place tens pads on your body for best results


Rejuvenated and refreshed after the 1st session with promising results, as if treated by a proficient chiropractor. Not saying it was the exact thing, but it was similar.

The Tens was tested for back, shoulder, and neck pain. And it worked as expected for each of these painful areas. Not only did it make the pain bearable, but it enhanced that feeling of well-being.

And not an insignificant side benefit of using a TENS unit is you might be able to cut back on the painkillers. We all know that taking significant amounts of these regularly is not good and can create other problems in the body. They can be downright dangerous and the downside shouldn’t be ignored.

What’s included

what's included with the Healthmateforever Pro15AB

1.We liked that this device is user-friendly. You don’t have to be an expert at anything to use it to its potential.

2. You can customize each session to your liking or needs. The preset modes are definitely helpful. You can use them until you get the hang of it.

3. The built-in rechargeable battery is convenient. You won’t have to worry about changing the batteries after a couple of uses – a big plus. Charge lasts about 20 hours. That’s useful, particularly if you intend to use the machine regularly.

What Others Say

Our experience with the Pro15AB was largely positive, so we checked further to see how others found using it. What’s the consensus after looking at customer feedback?

As expected, most were very pleased with their purchase. Many customers report that the device enables them to control chronic pain effectively.

  • One customer said that this TENS unit provided him with relief from the chronic shoulder pain he experienced due to sitting at a desk all day.
  • Other customers said that they chose the device to speed up the recovery process after surgery.

picture showing the Tens unit being used on arm injury

Of all the people who reported their experience using this Healthmate forever product, most reveal the device brought them results they expected. Nevertheless, a few customers complained that they received defective products that broke down after a few uses.

What We Like

It addresses a wide spectrum of aches, including back, neck and shoulder pain, and eases tension in the muscles after exercise. It can also provide pain relief if you have arthritis or osteoporosis.

It gets a big tick for being able to adjust the intensity of the nerve stimulation. And until you master using the device, you can select one of the 15 preset modes.

What We Don’t Like

We’re genuinely pleased with this item. There isn’t too much not to like about it. To be frank, though, the product is a bit more expensive in comparison to other similar devices.

However, that isn’t necessarily a disadvantage. It just means that it’s a decent investment. At under $100, it’s still value.

Although some customers said that their devices stopped working after a couple of uses from what we’ve seen, the customer support has been eager and willing to address their complaints, which is a positive if you ask us.

Buying Information

One of the main things that distinguishes ‘FDA Cleared’ Healthmate Forever TENS units from other devices is the fact that the manufacturer facilitates a limited lifetime warranty with every purchase.

That can only mean one thing. Their products are made to last. And, if anything does happen, you can benefit from their warranty.

If you do get the product from Amazon, you benefit from free shipping, as well.


On the whole, the Healthmate Forever TENS Pro 15AB unit is an investment in your health.

It’s efficient, it brings excellent results, and it lets you to customize each massage session fully. Although it’s a little more pricey compared to other products, at the end of the day, it’s worth the cost.

This product is one of the best home tens units for the money

Our rating: 9.1/10

Note: Product is intended for sale to US based clients. Check label and product information to determine if it’s suitable for your circumstance.