Everything You Should Know About Getting A TENS Unit

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If you’re dealing with chronic pain, inflammatory conditions or muscle spasms, the odds are that you've thought about using a TENS unit... TENS – namely transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a popular method of alleviating acute and chronic pain.

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How often do you cope with unbearable or irritating pain? Whether it’s back pain, shoulder or knee pain, or muscle strain, coping impacts our daily lives. Getting the best TENS unit could be of great help. There were times when...


Healthmate Forever Pro15AB TENS

Using a reliable TENS unit could help you cope better with chronic or acute pain. In fact, you might find it helps reduce your intake of painkillers. Having an effective TENS device at home means you've got relief, flexibility and convenience on your side. This is one of the best home treatment tens units and addresses a wide spectrum of aches, including back, neck and shoulder pain

Healthmateforever T12AB TENS Unit

Healthmate Forever Tens unit T12AB

This is a feature-packed portable Tens unit that’s effective. Take this device with you to work or on holiday. An efficient device that can offer immediate relief from muscle aches and joint pains. The sleek touch screen interface has intuitive controls. And the backlit animated LCD screen adds a level of easy useability

iReliev TENS Unit

There's a couple of good options here. A budget-friendly tens unit for under $100 or step up to the next level with some extra features you didn't know how much you'd appreciate including a rechargeable lithium battery. iReliev is a well-known manufacturer of Tens devices offering value for money and manufacturer track record

TENS 7000 Unit

If back, shoulder, knee, or any other type of joint and muscle pain has been troubling you, getting a TENS unit could genuinely help...