iReliev TENS Units

Whether living with pain through irritating muscle strain or looking for post training and exercise recovery tools, a tens may benefit. Pain can be tough to deal with; it intrudes on the pleasure of everyday life. If you’re not too fond of taking painkillers regularly, getting a TENS unit can be helpful.

The purpose of a TENS unit is to block the pain signals sent out by the central nervous system. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) causes muscle contraction using electrical impulses, low-voltage pulses to the skin, working on effectively relieving the strain. The unit also boosts circulation, assisting the body in its healing process.

It’s reassuring to know that many doctors recommend Tens units*. If you’re clueless about what makes the best product, go ahead and read this review for the iReliev TENS unit. We’ll reveal our experience with the product, the pros and cons and other customer feedback.

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This is how the iReliev TENS helps

use a portable tens unit for treatment while exercising

This TENS unit delivers low-voltage pulses to the skin. Nerve fibers are stimulated, effectively blocking the pain signal to your brain. Experts agree that this technology could boost the production of endorphins, the natural pain relievers.

These are the key features of this item:

  • Eight pre-programmed therapy modes. You can also tailor-make your massage depending on the severity of the pain. The programs offer different pulses and frequencies to provide relief from acute and chronic pain.
  • User-friendly design
  • Compact and portable
  • 5-60 minute treatment time. Regulate the duration of the treatment based on your condition and preference.
  • Dual-channel versatility. Two people can use the device simultaneously. Alternatively, you could use the unit on different painful areas on the body.
  • You can use one or two channels, depending on your personal needs.
  • Uses 3 AAA batteries
  • Auto-lock feature: This is ideal if you’re on the move and want to use the device.
  • You can get the back wrap accessory. This is sold separately but can be helpful depending on the area you need to treat.

Results from using the product

We appreciate the TENS unit is both powerful and versatile. After conducting various tests, we were happy with the results. We obtained pain relief, which is what you’re looking for.

Other products in this price range don’t have as many pre-programmed modes to choose from, so that’s a big tick for the iReliev.

The large pads accompanied by replacement leads are excellent additions to the TENS unit package. In fact, these extras help you save money.

The device is surprisingly thin and light. And if you do choose to purchase the belt (to wear the device around the waist), we think you’ll be pleased that you did.

On that note, the auto-lock feature will keep all your settings unchanged if you’re walking or moving while using the device.

person using the iReliev device

What Everyone Says

We expected to see a lot of customer feedback online because iReliev is produced by one of the better known manufacturers in the marketplace. And we weren’t disappointed.

One customer noted that after only 2 days of using the TENS unit, she could sense improvement in her lower back and hip pain.

Because she has a desk job and spends more than 8 hours in front of the computer, the device diminishes the tension accumulated in the muscles, reducing the aching sensation. That pain, unfortunately, is familiar to so many of us, myself included.

screen and functions of the iReliev tens

We noted another buyer had been coping with knee pain due to myofascial pain syndrome*. After treating the affected area with the ireliev tens, walking around had become much easier. (*Always check with your health care professional before starting treatment.)

Many people were willing to share their positive experiences after using the product because it actually eased their pain and discomfort.

Nevertheless, there were some complaints, as well. For example, some customers noted that their devices stopped functioning after a few months of use.

What We Like

What we like most is that it actually works. And we’re not the only ones that say that. Former clients agree with us.

Secondly, we like that this device is affordable. It’s a cheap option without some of the bells and whistles. If you’re wanting to test out effectiveness of a tens and money is tight, this is a good budget option.

It features a battery indicator that lets you know when you run out of battery.

You can regulate the duration of each massage session by using the adjustable timer.

And, of course, since the unit has two channels, you can place the electrode pads on more than one part of the body to treat simultaneously,  when needed.

What We Don’t Like

Evidently there’s no such thing as a perfect product. If only there were, we would all be buying it like there’s no tomorrow, right?

While this one comes really close to being an excellent investment, it has its pitfalls. One of our complaints is that the battery life could be improved.

Additionally, the lack of a lighted display is another disadvantage. In fact, it impairs the convenience of the product, since you cannot see a thing if you want to use the device at night.

Suggested Upgrade

If your budget can stretch you can step up to the next level iReliev. These enhancements cover off a couple of issues on the basic model. They’re not necessary, but nice to have.

  • sleek design
  • a larger screen
  • large and small electrode pads
  • rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • backlit display

upgrades to the iReliev budget package

Buying Information

iReliev is acknowledged as a reliable manufacturer of TENS units. This product we are reviewing has a two-year warranty.


Pain affects our well-being and lifestyle. It’s up to you to come up with the best way to manage discomfort and fight against it. Getting a TENS unit can offer you relief from the pain, as you’d never expect it to

As for the iReliev TENS unit, it’s a good purchase, overall. It’s affordable, efficient, and comes with a two-year warranty. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, and you’ll be good to go.

Our rating 9/10:
How we rate the upgrade (worth it if you can afford the little extra): 9.2/10

Order accessories and additional electrode pads

buy ireliev backwrap
ireliev backwrap – purchase separately

Whichever model you choose, we suggest buying some additional pre-gelled electrode pads.for best results,

replacement electrode pads
2″x2″ pre-gelled electrode pad replacements
order electrodes with wires
replacement electrode pads with wires